A workplace crush, that turned into a long-distance relationship.

Not an easy way to start a new romance, but we are a year in and have a strong foundation based on love that drives us to keep going. It also motivates us to always have one eye on that next destination and adventure that we can share together.

Splitting our time between Sydney and Melbourne also gives us an opportunity to explore places that we just would never have thought to go.

Especially in our home city (Sydney) where you can take things for granted when you settle into a routine.

We share that need for variety in our routine and a desire for an unconventional lifestyle.

We want to use this platform to inspire others and show what is possible when you are willing to throw off the shackles of everyday life and hit the road with an open mind and guided by a sense of ambition.

This is our story of how two opposites who fell in love, navigating a long-distance relationship, while both committed to seeing the world and each other.

A(nh) – Does the Creative Stuff + Making Our Pics Look Nice!

I moved from my homeland of Vietnam to Australia when I was 11 years old.

At the time I could not speak more than a few words of English, but I was thrown into the deep end and had to figure things out as I went.

In hindsight that could have easily shaken my confidence and confined me to living a life within my comfort zone.

But slowly I was able to find my way in the world and I have always wanted to keep pushing those boundaries and embracing new experiences – no matter how crazy they may sound!

It has been important to me to stay connected with my family back in Vietnam and have traveled back and forth many times. Each time I look to venture out to a different part of South East Asia.

James – Does the Tech Stuff + Writes and Talks A Lot

I have traveled for most of my adult life and had visited 16 countries before this blog even became an idea.

Writing was something I never thought I was particularly good at (probably because I never finished High School), but I enjoyed doing,

It was not until I was much older when I discovered blogging as an outlet to write about things I enjoy, but also as a way to build a genuine business.

After three years of blogging for business purposes, I needed more of a passion project. Lucky for me the timing coincided with meeting the love of my life!

A girl who loves travel – just like me – and is simply gorgeous – unlike me.

While I have always thought about travel writing, it was only now that I thought that we may have a story worth sharing.

Team AJ travels is not just about the destinations we visit, but also our journey together.

How We Create Content

When we are on the road we seek to document things as they happen. This allows us to so that we can convey the small hurdles we face along the way and can try and convey the most genuine and realistic


When we are on the road we try and document things as they happen so we can convey the most authentic picture of the experience.

This can often lead to a level of randomness in our content that comes down to individual circumstances that reflect the fun of traveling and not knowing what is around the corner.

We supplement some content from home where it is best delivered after having some time to reflect and articulate things better than in the moment.

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Amateur photography is a hobby for both of us. Any shortcomings in our techniques are compensated for by the beautiful destinations we visit that do the heavy lifting in terms of creating beautiful pictures for you to enjoy.


It is our aim to structure our written content to make it easy for you to find the answers that you need.

One of the reasons that we wanted to blog about our experiences is that we have found it difficult at times to find answers to questions outside of the typical “where to visit” questions that feature on most major travel sites.

So we seek to cover some of the more practical things that you need to navigate your vacation. Some examples are:

  • What is it like to drive in a destination?
  • What words in the local language do you need to survive?
  • Do you need to carry cash at your destination?

These are all based on the unanswered questions that we had to figure out along the way. We hope that they will be helpful to you and save you some time and hassle on your trip.

How We Can Help You Make Best Use of Your Time

Something that we wrestle with whenever we are planning a trip is how much planning we should actually do.

We like to travel with the least amount of structure possible so that you have room to change course if you want to.

The downside is this can lead to lost time, and missed experiences.

This means that some of our experiences that we share will not be the optimal way to spend your time – and not always something to completely model your trip on.

But it will let you know the things that we stuffed up and would do differently the second time around so that you can learn from our mistakes and get the best out of your experience.

Why read Team AJ Travels

We want you to come away from every Team AJ piece of content with an honest account of our experience, and practical tips to help make your trip better.

Not just the major sites to visit at a destination, but what happens in between. This is where the magic of traveling happens.

It is also our aim to include the details of things that went wrong along the way, and be completely honest no matter how embarrassing the mistake!!

The biggest stuff-ups often make the best stories, and while in the moment it might cause frustration, it always builds character and resilience. Afterwards, we can always have a laugh about it too.

So please join us we try and conquer the world.