How to Survive a Long Haul Flight in Economy

So you missed out on a large lotto win again and have no option but to book that long flight in economy class. Once upon a time, a long haul flight was considered to be eight to twelve hours. These days the ultra long haul flights of around fifteen to seventeen hours plus are becoming … Read more

Stay Fit and Healthy While Traveling

 Vacation Travel has opened up again in some parts of the world and many people still need to travel for business or personal reasons.  It is more important than ever at this time that you’re in top condition and know how to protect yourself because there is absolutely nothing worse than being sick while traveling and … Read more

25 Tips to Stretch Your Travel Budget

You’ve worked hard to save that travel money and you want it to stretch your travel budget as far as you possibly can so that you can get the most out of your trip. Here are 25 top ‘travel on a budget’ tips to help you achieve that. We hope these tips will help you … Read more

I Hacked My Own Instagram Account

To be clear: all images I posted prior to this project are really me, really in those places. I download FaceApp, £1.99! I take a selfie: bed hair, no makeup. I tap “Impression” and my face changes quickly and dramatically: fine lines flatten, wrinkles smooth out, blemishes unblemish, dark circles disappear, cheekbones rise, eyes brighten, … Read more

Ladyboy Spotting Strategy

Sticking with the ladyboy theme of the Mixed Nuts Prank post, I wanted to recount a level of paranoia that I carried with me when I first came to the Philippines. I was surprised at how many ladyboys that I encountered in everyday life here. We even had a few in the office. Definitely something … Read more