10 Must Have Travel Apps for Switzerland


Stunning Switzerland

We have selected some of the travel apps that we think will be most useful for your trip to Switzerland and have taken an extra step to explain to you how the mobile apps will make your life easier and your wallet lighter while exploring stunning Switzerland. 

Swiss Travel App Video Demonstration

Check out the video below if you would like to see a brief run-through of some of the best apps for traveling in Switzerland, as recommended in this article.

We will explore some of the main features so you can pick and choose those that suit your style of travel.

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What do you need to consider when traveling to Switzerland? 

Entering Switzerland remains complicated during the pandemic.

Holders of a Swiss passport or a valid residence permit for Switzerland may enter Switzerland from any country. For all other individuals, entry restrictions may apply. You will find information on the website of the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM)

Normal entry requirements apply to people entering the country from Schengen states, EU member states, certain small European states and certain states outside Europe. SEM maintains a list of such countries

If entry is permitted, you must undergo a quarantine if you arrived from one of the countries and regions with a high-risk of infection that features on a list regularly updated by the Federal Office of Public Health. The ten-day quarantine can be shortened if people test negative for Covid-19 after seven days. Switzerland now requires negative coronavirus PCR test results (within 72 hours) for people (over age of 12) entering the country from high-risk areas or by plane. In addition, most incoming travellers have to complete an online form before arriving.


Must Have Swiss Travel Apps

#0 Download the SwissCovid app

Please download and install the SwissCovid app from the normal app stores:

Swiss Travel Guide logo


Where to go? What to do? 

This is such a comprehensive travel app for traveling around Switzerland and will help you tremendously with both planning your trip and getting around when you’re there.

It has all the maps you’ll require, accompanied by 500 highlights of things to see and do. It has direct access to the SBB (rail) timetables, discount coupons on trips tours and restaurants. and offline access to emergency information. It’s a must-have if you’re going to Switzerland! 


#2- Rome2Rio

How to get from Point A to Point B

We use this app a lot wherever we travel. Another app that we have found is very useful in the planning stages of our trips, as well as when we are actually on the trip.

Rome2Rio is the travel app that will help you navigate from Point A to Point B. The application scans through various forms of transport and gives you options, whether it is within a city or for long-distance trips (even between countries.)  It gives you both route information and price options for the different types of transport. 

It will also give you suggestions for nearby attractions and accommodation wherever you are in Switzerland.

Weather apps

#3- MeteoSwiss

What will the weather be at your location?
Weather Switzerland

Knowing what the weather conditions will be for the trip you have scheduled is very important, so that you can plan how many layers of clothes to wear and any extras you may need to take like umbrellas or sunblock. If you’re driving it will be good to know what weather conditions you will be facing.

This weather app comes from Switzerland’s official weather office. You can personalize and customize it on the app’s home page to give you the exact information you need for the locations you are visiting. 

Users can zoom in to a specific map location and get up to date weather forecasts for altitude, as well as locations to receive current conditions, including rain radar and hazard warnings. This is especially helpful when you’re looking at doing one of the mountain summit trips like Mount Rigi in Lucerne or the Schithorn in Murren.


#4- swiss events

Need to know!
Lucerne Carnival by Lars M. Flickr.jpg

There is nothing worse when you’re traveling than finding out that you missed an amazing concert, sports event, carnival, etc simply because you didn’t know it was on. 

The Swiss Events app lists more than 15,000 events that take place each year in Switzerland and is updated daily by Switzerland Tourism. You can use this travel app to see what is going to be on in the places you plan to visit when you are in Switzerland.

Transport and getting around apps

#5- swiss railways -SBB MOBILE

Train travel Switzerland

You must have this app if you are going to use the wonderful Swiss trains on your trip. The official app from Swiss Federal Railways is simple and easy to use, which allows you to check live train times and itineraries.

With just a couple of clicks, you can purchase e-tickets and day passes for any train line in the country, whether regional or long distance.

SBB Mobile keeps you updated throughout your journey with real-time information about delays and transfer times. It also provides exclusive ticket offers, such as the Saver Day Pass and Supersaver tickets. One of the very useful functions is the “take me home” function which shows the best way to your accommodation using public transport.


#6- PostBus Switzerland

Not only the famous yellow post buses but all public transport &car sharing

The much-loved bright yellow post buses, with their ‘triple-redundant brake systems and distinctive three-tone horns,’ are seen all over Switzerland and this travel app will give you all the information you need for using them, but it is also for all Swiss public transport options, including journeys by car sharing, car, and bike.  

The Postbus app is a one-stop-shop for your route planning while in Switzerland. All you need to do is to enter your starting point and destination, and the Postbus app will handle the rest. You can filter the results by the fastest mode of transport, or the cheapest route.


#7- SEPP parking

Cars- paying for parking

If you’re driving, SEPP is a great travel app that allows you to pay for parking in your select region without having to wander about trying to find a ticket machine or parking meter. All you have to do is download the free app and set up an account and add a  payment method.

If you see a yellow SEPP sticker where you go to park your car,  open the app and swipe to start the time. 

When you get back to your car, you will swipe again, and the exact amount of parking fee will be deducted from your preferred mode of payment.   Internet connection is required.

Sepp parking sign

#8- Maps.me

Great for buses, trains and finding that out-of-the-way Airbnb

If you’re trying to find your way around in a new city or town and want to save on data or don’t have access to the internet, this travel app lets you download maps for use offline.  You can download the maps you will require before you travel and then you will have access to them offline. 

We found ‘Maps.Me’ especially useful when traveling by public buses or metro as we could follow on the map and know when we needed to disembark. Takes a lot of the stress out of those “how do we know when to get off” moments. Also, it was great for finding those out of the way AirBnbs. This was one of our most used travel apps when traveling in Switzerland.

Google Maps Logo

#9- Google maps app 

You’ve got to have maps!

Most travelers probably already have this app on their phones. Google Maps is the most well known and comprehensive mapping system and is available right across the world. It is free to use, and it offers real-time GPS navigation and will even give an estimation of your arrival time at a specified location.

Download the maps for the locations you will be visiting before you leave home and get some offline maps for your main areas. The app will also give you information on public transport routes, pins, traffic information, hotels, and attractions.

ViaMichelin Logo

#10- ViaMichelin

Driving app

If you’re planning to drive around the country a lot, then ViaMichelin is an essential app to have on your phone. It features a variety of routes that Google Maps doesn’t show, as well as giving users’ experience and feedback of specific places. 

ViaMichelin’s application is free to download. It is a mapping app that uses mapping and the technological level of the Michelin brand. The app offers online traffic information, real-time traffic updates, live incident alerts, GPS navigation with voice guidance, and much more.

Accommodation Apps

Expedia app.webp

#11 Expedia app

Somewhere to sleep

We have found the Expedia app handy to use while we are traveling. We had a booking in Hawaii through Expedia that was a problem- we had booked the wrong Marriot Hotel and the Expedia people changed our booking and sorted it out over the phone without any hassles. We were very impressed with their customer service. 


#12 Airbnb

Somewhere interesting to sleep

If you’re not into staying at impersonal hotels and motels but are looking for some accommodation that is a little different or more personal, check out the Airbnb listings for the places you will be traveling too.

Our biggest problem with Airbnb bookings has been getting access to the buildings, as Airbnb accommodation is often not a main road or in the main center and often there is no person to meet and greet you. Our advice is to ensure you have very clear instructions of how to get to the places, how to get the key  and, if at all possible, someone to personally meet you! We now have plan B when we book an Airbnb property and research a couple of nearby hotels so that we have somewhere to go if there are any problems. 

Accommodation is often cheaper than local hotels or motels and we appreciated being able to have laundry and cooking facilities when traveling. 

Dining apps



Budget eats with the “stop food waste movement.”

On a tight budget? Download the “Too Good To Go” app and you ‘ll have access to restaurants and bakeries selling their leftovers before closing time at a much-reduced price. It’s part of the worldwide “stop food waste movement.”

You will need to make your payment through the app and be at the restaurant or bakery at the allocated time to pick up your food. 

EAT.ch Logo

#14- EAT,ch ( Just Eat) 

Choose from 2,500 restaurants

Just Eat is known as EAT.ch in Switzerland.  It is an online food ordering and delivery app that you can use in Switzerland. It offers you a myriad of options, and you can choose the food that best suits your needs, wherever you are.

The app lists over 2500 restaurants in their menu, and you can choose a restaurant based on distance, star rating, and other features. 

The meals will be delivered to your location. You pay for the food via the app, so you will require internet connectivity. 

The Fork Logo

#15- The Fork

Choose a restaurant.

Gruyere..More than Great Cheese!.jpg

If you are looking for somewhere to go for dinner the money saving TheFork serves as a restaurant booking app, and it provides users with a range of special offers. If you reserve through TheFork at certain times – and we’re talking normal dinner times, not 4:30 p.m. or 10 p.m. –  you’ll get 20% to as much as 50% off your bill.  

TheFork app makes it easy to see which restaurants are offering the best discounts for a booking. They also give users an easy glimpse at the overall reviews at each restaurant, and a rough estimate on pricing.

You can then choose the restaurants by location or by rating.

Communication Apps


#16- WhatsApp

Keep in contact with family and friends.

WhatsApp offers the most common form of messaging, voice, and video calling services. The application provides secure encrypted communication, and you can use it to communicate with people around the world for free. It’s an awesome way to stay in touch with your friends and family while exploring stunning Switzerland.

google translate logo

#17- Google Translate

Sometimes you need help with a foreign language!

This modern travel app can translate over 100 languages by typing, and the translation is almost instantaneous. You do not have to worry about the language barrier because you can communicate with people around you with ease. The application can translate up to 60 languages when you are offline. 

Also, Translate’s voice translation feature is extremely convenient in everyday situations. If you can’t understand the person next to you, just give them your phone to talk in to. Your phone will do all the hard work for you. 


#18- Wi-Fi Finder

Access to Wi Fi Hot Spots!

When you are traveling and don’t have data on your phone, it is vital to be able to find WiFi hotspots and this app, the Wi-fi Finder will do that for you. In today’s world, it is very difficult get all the information you require while traveling  without internet connectivity.

The app will let you know where WIFI hot spots are located, pinpoint speeds and strength of the signal of those internet connections. 

Finance apps

My Currency logo


Currency conversion

Because  Switzerland isn’t part of the European Union you’ll be paying with Swiss Francs (CHF) not with Euros while you’re traveling in Switzerland. Use this app as a good way to keep up to date with the current exchange rates. Unfortunately, Switzerland is an expensive country to visit, and maybe you’d prefer not to know how much that Big Mac is actually costing in your home currency!

#20- Your bank’s app

Keep a check on your money!


Having the app of your home bank installed is one of the most critical aspects when it comes to traveling. You always want to be able to check your balance and get updates from your bank. The last thing you want is to figure out someone has emptied your bank balance!.

You should download the app from your bank before leaving for Switzerland. It is a perfect way to keep track of your spending as well as keeping a check on your financial situation during the trip.  

When you have your bank’s app, you can study recent purchases, make transfers, pay bills, and control your finances efficiently. 

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