Where to Stay in Ibiza for Best Access to the Nightlife

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Ibiza is a stunning island located in the Balearics off the South coast of Spain and is known for being one of the biggest party hotspots on the planet.

The combination of perfect weather, beaches and parties with world class talent every night make it one of the best summer vacations you will find anywhere.

But it is also a massive island with many pockets that are in isolated areas, and more geared towards family travel.

If you are not familiar with the layout of the island you could find yourself staying in a stunning resort on a beautiful beach. But also paying hundreds of Euro in transport every time you go out!

Given how expensive club tickets are already this is an expense you just don’t need.

1. Playa den Bossa

This is a real party hot spot on the island, but is also one of the busiest.

If you are going to stay anywhere near the beach then expect those rumbling kick drums to start filling the air from mid morning onwards.

But that is what Ibiza is all about. Starting early, and finishing early again… the next day.

The beach here is the longest stretch of sand on the island and you will see big hotels and clubs scattered all along this golden stretch of coastline.

If this is your first time on the island, then stay here! You will be surrounded by party goers and people up for a good time.

Club Hi Ibiza

Clubs in Playa D’en Bossa:

Here you will find two of the heavy hitters of the club scene.

The Ushuaia Hotel is a beachfront day/evening club where the hotel itself is built around a big open-air dance floor with a capacity of 4,000 people!

This is where you will find the more mainstream acts in the dance music scene.

Even if that is not to your musical tastes (definitely isn’t mine) it will be a fun day out!

With most parties finishing around midnight you can venture almost directly across the road to Club Hi.

Formerly known as Space, this club was an Ibiza institution for over three decades.

If you thought Ushaia’s dance floor was big, Hi’s capacity of 5,000 takes things up a notch and again you will find word class DJs on show every night of the week.

All at your hotel doorstep!

Ushuaia Ibiza

Taxi travel times to other major clubs:

  • Amnesia & Privilege (San Rafael) – 15 minutes
  • Pacha (Ibiza Town) – 10 Minutes
  • Eden & Ibiza Rocks (San Antonio) – 25 Minutes

Who should stay in Playa D’en Bossa

If you want to be in the middle of the action it is the perfect spot. I stayed here in my younger years and loved every minute of it.

During the day you have the Bora Bora beach bar warming up the beach crowd until the sunset when the mood starts to pick up.

In the evening you have the big events of Ushaia leading into the club nights in Hi.

All within walking distance of your hotel.

Who shouldn’t stay in Playa D’en Bossa

If you want a bit of peace and quiet during the day then stay elsewhere. You can always visit the area when you want to get amongst it and then retreat to a more quite sanctuary.

If you enjoy good food your choices here are limited also. They cater to the young tourist crowd here and I found that good quality options were hard to find.

There are also very limited shopping options with the main strip limited to bars, and cheap beach paraphernalia.

Ushuaia Playa d'en Bossa

Where to Stay in Playa D’en Bossa

Jet Apartments

This is a massive complex with three levels of luxury to pick from with the majority being beach front rooms.

Be warned though, beach front means that music will be playing from mid morning onwards so if you are not sleeping until 8am each day you may struggle.

You cannot beat the convenience of the location though with everything in the area easily walkable.

2. Figueretas

This is an area that I had not even heard of for my first five visits! But I discovered on my sixth, and this is now the only place that I want to stay.

A lot of the credit for this goes to Hotel Cenit who have one of the best hotels on offer on the island for very reasonable cost.

But more on that shortly.

The town is located in between Playa Den Bossa and Ibiza Town. As a result it is less popular and a little less expensive.

But, it is a five minute taxi ride to each and you can even walk to Ibiza Town quite easily.

There is a small beach that is not too crowded and definitely tucked away from the party action.

But there are plenty of beach front bars to have a relaxing cocktail or beer in after a swim to recover from, or prepare you for another big night!

Figueretas Beach

Clubs in Figueretas:

There are none! But, you are in a very central spot to get to most of them.

It can be a bit slow to get taxis out of here at peak times so make sure you build in a buffer if you have one of those cheaper club tickets for early entry.

Taxi travel times to other major clubs:

  • Ushuaia & Hi (Playa Den Bossa) – 15 Minutes
  • Amnesia & Privilege (San Rafael) – 10 minutes
  • Pacha (Ibiza Town) – 10 Minutes
  • Eden & Ibiza Rocks (San Antonio) – 25 Minutes

Who Should Stay in Figueretas

Those who want to be able to retreat from the busy tourist areas and get some sleep during the day!!

With two of the main centers easily accessible you can be at the beaches of Playa Den Bossa, or the cultural hub of Ibiza Town in just a few minutes.

Who Shouldn’t Stay in Figueretas

You have nice beaches here, but no beach clubs. If you are planning to spend your days sipping cocktails on a sunbed with house music playing in the background then Playa Den Bossa will be more your style.

The beachfront area has limited shops and restaurants in the immediate area. So if you are looking for a self-contained vacation spot then this may not satisfy your needs.

It is not far to any of the clubs here, but you are close to none. So you will have to find taxis to get in and out which can be frustrating at peak times.

Hotel Cenit

Where to Stay in Figueretas

Hotel Cenit

I only have one recommendation in this part of town, because I just love this place so much.

I am a sucker for a water view and the waterfront rooms were simply outstanding!

The view stretched all the way to Playa Den Bossa – which helped us feel Ibiza vibe even when chilling out in the hotel room.

The bright lights of Ushuaia were always visible at sunset and that increasing glow that contrasted the darkness told us every night that it was party time!

The rooftop pool, bar & restaurant has equally stunning views. The vibe is relaxed and has more of a small family hotel vibe.

The food was surprisingly good and the bar makes a killer Bloody Mary!

On the website the hotel is described as gay friendly. But I didn’t find the clientele to be anything out of the ordinary…. Except for a guy sitting at the pool reading a biography of Tina Turner.


3. Ibiza Town

This is a real cultural hub of the island and it is where you will get the most authentic Spanish experience while still being close to the party action.

Overlooking the whole city is Ibiza Castle, with the old fortified town of Dalt Vila sitting at it’s feet.

Walking around this 2,000 year old city you will see ancient Spanish buildings sitting opposite modern high end retailers.

If you are feeling energetic the hike up to the castle will give you some amazing views of the port and harbour also.

If you can manage after another big night out that is!

Back in the center of town you will find a hub of retail outlets, quality restaurants and plenty of hotel options to look after you.

Dalt Villa Ibiza Town

Clubs in Ibiza Town:

Pacha is the only major club here, and technically this is actually in Talamanca and may require a 5 minute cab ride to get there depending on which end of town your hotel is.

The location of the city is very central and it is an easy trip to all other major clubs on the island.

Travel time to other major clubs:

  • Ushuaia & Hi (Playa Den Bossa) – 15 Minutes
  • Amnesia & Privilege (San Rafael) – 10 minutes
  • Eden & Ibiza Rocks (San Antonio) – 20 Minutes

Who Should Stay in Ibiza Town

If you are coming to the island for more than just partying and would like to immerse yourself in some of the history of the island then Ibiza Town has so much to offer.

Those who are keen shoppers will also find the best mix of retail outlets available on the island.

In fact, on the last visit I bought my cold weather gear to take to Iceland (our next stop) in Ibiza Town. This goes to show how broad the selection is.

You will also generally get better quality food in Ibiza Town with a broader range of cuisine on offer. They cater to every taste here and of course there are Spanish options galore!

But best of all the view looking up at that Castle every day is something out of a postcard that is hard to top when recuperating from your night of debauchery.

Ibiza Town Port

Who Shouldn’t Stay in Ibiza Town

There are no beaches here, so if you are planning for a lot of beach time you will find all the travel in and out of Ibiza Town to be a real hassle.

It is less of an issue traveling to the clubs at night time but if you do plan on attending a lot of the clubs in Playa Den Bossa then that may be a better fit for you.

Prices of hotels are a bit higher here so this is not as well suited for the budget traveler.

Where to Stay in Ibiza Town

Hotel Mirador de Dalt Vila

If you really want to embrace what the old town has to offer then this hotel will blow your mind.

It sits right in front of Ibiza Castle and is towards the top of the hill overlooking the old town.

Don’t let the incline turn you off. When coming home from your night out you will be in a taxi, and your walk into town is all down hill.

The outdoor pool is small, but very cute. It would get crowded if there were more than a few people here though.

But the old Spanish décor, and the Mediterranean views from your balcony make for one special place to stay.

Ibiza Old Town

4. San Antonio

You will find a very different vibe in San Antonio. You will find it packed with British tourists, and that means lot’s and lot’s of booze!

The location on the western side of the island makes this the perfect place to watch the sun go down.

There is a stretch of bars called the sunset strip where you can do exactly that.

Café Del Mar being one of the better known places to have a drink on the water’s edge and watch the sunset light up the horizon.

Often with the classic track of the same name (originally released in 1993!) playing in the background… I feel very nostalgic just thinking about it.

Boozy afternoons turn into trashy nights. And the immediate area turns into exactly that the later it gets.

You will notice an abundance of drunkards stumbling around the streets until all hours of the night here.

Other areas also have their fair share of over indulgers too, but like I said a different vibe on this side of the island.

Eden Ibiza

Clubs in San Antonio:

Club Eden, Es Paridis and the Ibiza Rocks Hotel are the big drawcards here.

Ibiza Rocks is well known for it’s massive day parties and is another that has an open-air dance floor surrounded by a hotel.

Being well decked out with swimming pools you can splash around with a drink in your hand while enjoying the music.

Club Eden is another massive club with a capacity of 5,000 people.

It doesn’t have the wow factor as the other clubs with the interior being more like your run of the mill city club…. Just bigger.

But what really lets this place down is the sound system.

Thursday nights here traditionally have a high-class Trance line up for the Shine Ibiza party.

Let’s just say that it is a travesty that such great music can be played on such a shitty sound system. It doesn’t do the talent justice and it is a great shame.

I’ll still go next time I am on the island of course….

Es Paradis is a smaller club that caters to a more commercial kind of lineup…. Very popular with the chavs.

Travel time to other major clubs:

  • Ushuaia & Hi (Playa Den Bossa) – 25 Minutes
  • Amnesia & Privilege (San Rafael) – 15 minutes
  • Pacha (Ibiza Town) – 20 Minutes

Who Should Stay in San Antonio

The British of course! And anyone who likes to take their partying to another level!

It is full throttle here or you will feel out of place.

You will find more low budget accommodation options here so if you are a budget traveller you might head for San Antonio.

But, what you save in accommodation costs may lead to a lot of time and money on buses and in taxis to access other parts of the island.

Who Shouldn’t Stay in San Antonio

If you are after the more pristine beaches you will find them elsewhere on the island.

Yes there are beaches, but they do not have the same glow that others on the island do.

It is also not unusual to find them covered in trash leftover from the night before.

Where to Stay in San Antonio

Ibiza Rocks Hotel

If you are going to embrace that San Antonio party spirit there is no better place to stay.

It will be a true test of stamina with the party happening around your room every day of the week.

You will have no choice but join in once you sleep off the night before.

Final Word

This article has been written with convenience in mind for the partygoer. There are far more options available to you if you wish to go further out from the main hubs of activity.

For those travelling in larger groups especially you should also check out the option of renting a villa.

Some of these will make your jaw drop! And the cost is not that bad when splitting it amongst a few extra people.

It is much easier to do so if you hire a car for your stay. But this is almost never a good idea for a week of planned heavy partying from a safety point of view.

But, stay in any of these four areas and you will have everything at your fingertips for an action packed stay that you will never forget, and will keep you coming back.

I am planning visit number seven as I write this.

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